Cancer Patient Advocate

To a certain extent, the role of the Cancer Patient Advocate changes depending on the individual's goals, needs and circumstances.  Christine sees the purpose of the Cancer Patient Advocate as one of representation, education and empowerment. Empower the patient to make decisions based on the best available information. Represent the patient's needs and desires to the medical team, community members and family when the patient is unable to fully advocate and represent themselves.  Empowerment and education go hand in hand. 

Support Group Facilitation

Christine brings over 10 years of group leadership and volunteer training to every group she leads.  Most recently, she and her husband Graeme lead an online group of over 100 participants through a program they founded and grew, called CCASH (Cancer Cure Advocacy Self-Help) Group.  Every 2 weeks the group met online and began with either a success story or an interview of a Cancer Industry Expert. After the interview, Christine hosted a question and answer session and then the groups were sectioned off into break-out rooms according to cancer type. Each group was lead by a leader trained by Christine.  Here is a video of one of those interviews - the actual support group portion is not recorded for privacy reasons.