Food Healthy Co-op style Food Bank based in Illinois

Food Thing Network is a grassroots network of people who have taken to heart the idea that God has provided enough resources and it is up to us to distribute them in a way that - demonstrates compassion, promotes nutrition, and encourages community!  Food Thing Network is a FOOD BANK that specializes in FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES, bakery products and a limited amount of packaged and dairy products.  The food is "rescued" from quality grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants who care about people in need in our community.     

NORMAL OPERATIONS:  We distribute food every Tuesday in north Naperville, Thursdays in south Naperville, Fridays in Lombard and on Saturdays in North Aurora.  

**COVID-19 modifications include NEW LOCATIONS, time adjustments and pre-planned arrangements.  

See the Food Thing Network website for details!